Maji Mazuri, which means “good water” in Swahili, is a large non-profit organization in Nairobi with several different ministries.

Komolion Human Development Fund groups regularly visit the Maji Mazuri Children’s Center, a residential center for physically and mentally challenged children outside of Nairobi. The Maji Mazuri Children’s Center provides a home for 16 children and supports 19 teenagers in either High School, Colleges or Universities. These children are unable to care for themselves and their working parents cannot leave them at home alone or care for their needs. At the center they receive therapy, good food, and loving care from staff and volunteers. The center aims to provide its residents with the life skills they need to reintegrate into society, with programs including standard literacy skills, personal hygiene, and income-generating skills such as beadwork and sewing as well as more simple skills like the ability to hold a spoon.

The outcomes of the program vary according to the abilities of each of the children. In many cases, the children have been successfully reintegrated into society and some have gone on to attend local universities. In other cases, the center is simply a safe place to call home.

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