Board of Directors

Randall Bradley - President

Randall Bradley serves as the president and a member of the board of directors for Komolion Human Development Fund. Randall has a passion for helping underserved people. He has organized six trips to Kenya and taken student and volunteer groups to Asia, Europe, and North and South America. As a teacher, he has helped musicians use music as a catalyst for breaking barriers, sharing joy, and building cross-cultural bridges. His teams have offered humanitarian assistance wherever they go - teaching, painting, building, gardening, and assisting with necessities like food and clothing. He is the Ben H. Williams Professor of Music and the Director of the Center for Christian Music Studies and the Church Music Program at Baylor University where he has served on the faculty since 2000. As a church musician since 1978, he has served churches in Alabama, Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Randall is married to Brenda, and they are parents to young adult children, Hannah and Isaac.

Brenda Bradley - Vice President

Brenda Bradley serves as the vice president and a member of the board of directors for Komolion Human Development Fund. Brenda has participated in mission work internationally and locally since first serving on a mission team to Torreon, Mexico in 1984, and she has helped lead student and volunteer groups with Randall, her husband, since then. Brenda is a professor of English at McLennan Community College and has been an educator since 1982. She believes her life’s calling has been to motivate and inspire students to find purpose and fulfillment through the tool of education, particularly those from unconventional and underserved backgrounds. Frequently finding ways to connect her community college students to learning projects internationally, she has been a guest teacher in places from Kazakhstan to Kenya. The experiences and people she has encountered in her travels have also inspired much of her poetry.

Sharyn Dowd - Secretary

Sharyn Dowd serves as the secretary and a member of the board of directors for Komolion Human Development Fund. Sharyn has been involved in various kinds of mission work since her college days at Wake Forest University. Her interests have focused on people who, with additional resources and encouragement, can move from subsistence living to abundant lives in Christian community. Since 2007, Sharyn has been active with the work of Randall and Brenda Bradley in Kenya. She is especially concerned to reduce female genital mutilation and early marriage in the Pokot village of Komolion by funding boarding school scholarships and a village-planned alternative rite of passage for girls. A retired Baptist minister, Sharyn has served churches, led short-term missions, and taught university and seminary students in Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Texas, the District of Columbia, Mississippi, and Mexico.

Daniel Huizinga - Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Huizinga serves as the chief financial officer and a member of the board of directors for Komolion Human Development Fund. Daniel has been involved in missions and charitable work since high school, throughout the United States as well as Honduras and Belize. He first visited Kenya with the Baylor University Men’s Choir in 2013. After a two-week trip, he decided that he wanted to continue supporting the Kenyan entrepreneurs, missionaries, and organizations he met that were working together to make a difference. Since that trip in 2013, Daniel served as the president of the Baylor Men’s Choir and after graduating, continued to support the Komolion project as well as the Africa Health & Community Program in Kibera, the largest urban slum in Africa. Outside of Komolion, Daniel is a consulting manager and lives with his wife Madeleine and son Peter in the Washington, DC area.

Mason Everett - Chief Information Officer

Mason Everett serves as the chief information officer and a member of the board of directors for Komolion Human Development Fund. Mason was first introduced to the Komolion charitable effort through his visit to Kenya with the Baylor University Men’s Choir in 2013, the summer after his freshman year at Baylor. Since that trip, Mason has continued to serve the people of Kenya and the Men’s Choir through monetary donations and service, including serving as the president of the Men’s Choir his senior year at Baylor. After being mentored by Dr. Randall Bradley at Baylor, Mason discovered a passion for developing leadership qualities in others. He is always looking for ways to use his proficiency with technology to serve people that do not have the opportunities that Mason has been blessed with. Mason is now a senior technology solutions consultant with Credera and lives with his wife Amber in New York City.