Community members drive social change. We are there to help.

We envision a world in which children and adults have opportunities to thrive personally and to make positive contributions to their communities.
Komolion Human Development Fund encourages and provides funding for projects in local communities that are designed by community members to enable increased education, health, cooperation, poverty reduction and quality of life for the entire community.
Core Values
Indigenous Leadership
We will operate on the principle that community ownership and active participation are more important than efficiency.
Local Cultures
We recognize that all cultures and traditions have value, and we support cultures and traditions which serve the good of all parties.
Honesty and Transparency
We operate with honesty and transparency. We ensure our projects comply with the laws and regulations of the host countries.
All administrative costs (besides processing fees) are covered by the Komolion Human Development Fund's Board of Directors, so 100% of your donation goes directly to empowering communities in Kenya.
Projects & Partnerships
Combating Female Genital Mutilation
Community Development
Supporting the Education of Girls in Komolion
Bringing Groups to Support Local Artisans
Loving Disabled Children at Maji Mazuri
Empowering Youth at Pendo Amani
Spreading the Ministry of Music in Swahili
Supporting Schools
Children Sponsored
Travelers to Kenya
Local Partnerships
Money Raised